About Us

Located in the Heartland Lakes area in north central Minnesota, Aunt Belle’s Confectionary is a popular destination for families and candy lovers every year as they visit and vacation in the Park Rapids area. Many customers stop in whenever they are in Park Rapids to watch fudge, caramels and other delicious candy treats being mixed by hand in a copper kettle.


Just in time for the 35th anniversary, Ray and Karen Carlson have taken over the sweet smells and sunny smiles at Aunt Belle’s Confectionary and Grandpa’s Cabin Gifts. Ray and Karen met while co-workers in the corporate world. According to Karen, Ray finally noticed her after she brought a tray of handmade candies crafted by her grandmother into work one day. It was love at first taste after that.


Apparently, it was a sign of things to come! After being married for 28 years, raising two beautiful daughters, and fixing up a cabin on one of the Park Rapids area lakes over the last 15 years, the move was made up north from the twin cities.


Ray remembers their girls anxiously waiting for the trips to the candy store every summer while they were growing up. An Aunt Belle’s caramel apple was a special treat after getting their braces off! Life is sweet now that such a special memory of our family is now in our care! We know so many customers feel the same way and we hope to keep these fond memories going for generations to come!